Sainz is still charging for the number one spot.

Carlos Sainz insists he is still vying for the number one spot at Ferrari.

Most consider the Spaniard to be subordinate to Charles Leclerc, with many urging the Maranello marque to improve its title chances in order to formalise that status.

“None of that has come from me,” Sainz, who won his first race at Silverstone before suffering a catastrophic engine failure in Austria, told the Spanish press.

“Every weekend, I arrive knowing that I can fight freely with Charles, despite the fact that you always respect your teammate. I’m here with the same mindset.”

He stated that he is unsure whether the situation will change later in 2022, adding: “However, when that time comes, it will be communicated. I hope.”

However, Sainz does not consider his 37-point deficit to Leclerc to be a major issue.

“What’s important is that I wasn’t faster than Charles at the start of the season, but now it happens, and I know I have room to keep improving.”

“I think I can have a very strong second half of the championship if I find a couple of other things that I lack in the car,” he added.

A potential grid penalty in France as a result of his Red Bull Ring failure, on the other hand, is a major stumbling block.

“There’s nothing left of the engine, but the chassis is fine,” the 27-year-old explained.

“We’ll see how it affects me because it’s something we’re currently evaluating. I have more engines that are not broken, but mileage is important, which is why a penalty is possible “Sainz elaborated.

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